12 Questions with Sarah Nicklin


Sarah NicklinGeneric question: So what are you up to?
I just finished shooting the feature Alice D in RI, then I have a small part in the feature The Inhabitants, then a short film Small Fry. In March I’ll be shooting The Fetish Set in Texas, and then Normal in RI in May.

What kind of role would you turn down?
Porn haha :) All though I did do The Disco Exorcist, which is about as close as you can come without it actually being porn haha!. I also don’t like to take on anything that is too overly exploitative, which is a bit ironic since I’ve done a few “exploitation films”, but I think there is a big difference between the exploitation film genre and films that actually exploit an actress.

Criss Angel or David Blaine?
Even though I’m a big magic fan, I’ve actually never seen a David Blaine performance, so by default, I’d have to go with Criss Angel – he had some good tricks, but the Mind Freak thing was pretty lame.

If you weren’t an actress you would be?
Wait, you mean there are other options of things to be?! Hmm… well…. I guess…. a nun. Doing Nun of That really showed me the light and the way of the Lord :)

If you could be any character in The Wizard of Oz, who would you be?
Dorothy. Pretty standard answer I know, but I’m a dreamer like her – always dreaming of a fantasy world to escape away too….. and even though I cannot sing, I have been told I look a bit like Judy Garland too.

Which superpower would you like to have?
I really want to be able to teleport. It would save me so much time. Or maybe stop and travel through time, like Hiro in Heros. Something where I could be in two places at once. Mind control would be pretty awesome too. That way I could be in whatever film I wanted!

What has been the most challenging role in your career?
Oh man, when I played prostitute #7 in The Brotherhood, I went out on the street to do some research….had to sleep with a lot of guys before I started feeling like enough of a whore to be able to play that role :) But seriously, I do think that the smaller roles are often more difficult. You’re given much less to work with, so its up to you to flesh out the character more, and not only that, but you also want it to be somehow interesting and memorable, even if you only have a few minutes to make that happen. Plus, with smaller parts, lots of time you’re coming onto a set where everyone has been working together for a while and you’re not only the odd one out, but you also have extra pressure to “prove yourself” since you’re the new guy.

Sarah Nicklin

Would you rather be hot or cold?
Whenever I’m one of those, I always think that I would rather be the other…. I think in general, I’d rather be hot than cold, but I would rather die from cold than from heat.

What is your worst nightmare?
Being stuck in a preppy pink cheerleader valley girl hell. I cannot stand all that super happy shit.

East coast or West coast?
East coast. It’s where I spent most of my life and every time I go back I realize just how much I miss it. It’s just so much “cozier” than the west coast. You don’t get the awesome Boston bars around here. Maybe up in Oregon it might be homier, but I haven’t spent much time up there (yet – I do plan on living near the Redwood Forest at some point – I love that place).

If you could trade place with any person for one week living or dead who would it be?
Trading places with a dead person would be a bit boring don’t you think? Just lying in a box in the ground for a week doesn’t sound like much fun, unless you like worms and bugs… maybe Gary Oldman or Daniel Day Lewis? Definitely a guy since it would be fun to have a penis for a while, but I’d love to be in those guy’s heads for just a while to find out how they are so damn good.

If you were ice cream what flavor would you be?
Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

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